Advan A048


The Yokohama A048R is a DOT Approved, street legal track and competition tire. Developed using Yokohama's proven race tire technology for drivers who participate in events such as tack days, circuit racing, track or race schools, autocross competitions, club racing and much more! The A048R has been the original equipment tire on the Lotus Elise Sport as well as being the control tire for the Australian V8 Utes Racing Series. The A048R is designed to deliver precise control, predictable grip and sure footed braking. Available in different compounds (Soft, Medium, Medium Hard) enabling the tires to be matched to the vehicles performance, weight, as well as track conditions and ambient temperatures etc. It uses a 'single block' tread design which increases the tires footprint and increases tread stiffness, enhancing 'feel', steering response and cornering stability. Advan A048R tires are moulded with a tread depth of 4.76mm (ideal for damp tracks), but they can be shaved to 3.2mm (ideal for road racing/track use in dry conditions). Inside the tire, the A048R has twin steel belts that are reinforced with nylon. This belt package is placed over a rounded case design, allowing predictable handling transitions between straight line and cornering. Please note: The Yokohama A048R tire is designed for road racing/track day use in dry conditions only, and not intended for high speed use on wet roads/tracks where standing water can induce hydroplaning.

- E-Marked Road Legal
- Excellent High Speed Stability
- Precise Control And Predictable Grip
- Excellent Dry Weather Traction
- Single Block Tread For Large Tire Footprint
- Reinforced Steel Belt Construction
- DOT Approved Racing Tire
- Control Tire For Many Racing Series

04801 225/40R18 88Y A048 MH
04802 265/35R18 93Y A048 MH
04803 285/30R18 93Y A048 MH
04806 205/60R15 91H A048 M
04807 205/50R15 86V A048 M
04808 225/50R15 91V A048 M
04816 245/40R17 91W A048 MH
04818 235/40R18 91Y A048 MH
04819 295/30R18 94Y A048 MH
04841 225/50R16 92W A048 M
04842 225/45R16 89W A048 M
04843 215/45R17 87W A048 M
04844 225/45R17 90W A048 M
04845 235/45R17 93W A048 M